Thursday, July 1, 2010

Holly reveals third challenge

The ‘weight’ challenge was complicated to solve. I struggled for a few days on this and felt afraid that I might not solve it on time as my schedule kept me busy and distracted. However, I’m more then happy with what I’ve achieved. I have had more fun with this challenge than anything I’ve done in years. Even if it’s not what Jen had in mind, I cracked myself up with laughter and hope and pray she will appreciate the end product.

The process was very simple. I already had in mind that I was to draw Sumo wrestlers, but I had no clue into which medium I would further display weight. That was truly what stumped me. I considered slacking oil on a canvas and getting the challenge over with, but that would have been the easy way out. I allowed myself more time and thought into this challenge and finally I considered doing something so stupid it was genius (this is my opinion of course). I went down to the beach, gathered a bunch of rocks with smooth forms on either side and tried to imagine the sumo wrestlers fighting on these rocks. After a half hour of searching I found the perfect match almost identical. Long story short I took them inside and made them come to life. Photographing them in the end seemed like the more logical way of completing this challenge. In the end I would argue I managed to convey weight both, visually and physically.

Thanks for the challenge Jen!!



  1. aahhhh holly you're so smart!! love the solution to the 'weight' challenge! i really like how the medium itself conveys the message, without needed suppot from the drawing. thats something that i would like to explore in your 'invisible' challenge!

    your delicate drawing style acually works great for sumo wrestlers, since they fight with light feet!

    but my favorite aspect to this piece are the paper hands. i love how they're slightly different hues, and this makes me want to see an entire piece done with collage by you! (hint hint next challenge maybe ;)
    great work!


  2. Holly, I hope I'll see these on display next time I'm at the beach. Great job. I love it!