Thursday, July 8, 2010

jen's invisible results!

here it is! my intention was to sculpt the feeling of blindess as i did this blindly. i chose to use a person as my subject, this being a human experiment. i'm very happy with the distortion that i unknowingly created, especially in regards to the over sized hands and small feet. i felt, that while i was briefly in the dark, my hands were the most important tools i had, and my feet were the most shy as i was afraid to move around. i also noted while doing this that i kept my eyes pointed up to the ceiling, and find it interesting how the sculpture repeated this! wow come to think of it, this pose was the exact pose i had while sculpting!
thanks holly, this was soooo much fun! id take a picture of the invisible gel attempt, if there was anything to photograph lol.
i'll post your challenge soon!

1 comment:

  1. This sure turned out to be an interesting result to the challenge invisible. My favorite angle is from the back looking down as it gives a great final representation. The piece as a whole reminds me the Easter Island statues, but full bodied. It’s tough to give away your sight when doing a piece of art as I’d probably cheat. Great stuff Jen!