Thursday, July 15, 2010

Challenge #6- Zombie Jen

Dear Jen,

I again thank you for the old meets new challenge, I wish I would have thought about it myself, to give to you. This week’s challenge is inspired by something that I personally have to practice kicking on and off- the genre of an illustration. As you already know, when I do personal work I find myself doing, innocent, beautiful and colorful imagery. (Which get’s annoying after awhile.) I’ve seen you also get trapped in this. Remember way back when we didn't know each other and I gave you a little piece of advice? I told you that the work you did for that particular class was amazing, but too childlike and innocent? Well, you’ve come a long way since and now I’m going to challenge you further. Here it is…

This week’s challenge is a self-portrait of yourself as a zombie. Not a pretty beautiful zombie, but horrifying and nightmare producing. This challenge is particularly inspired by the cover of the novel, Pride and Prejudice and zombies. Personally I think this illustration is phenomenal and I know you and your style well, as you can produce something ten times bette! Keep in mind your choice of colour, as this will play a key role in alarming your viewer.

-Any size


That’s all. Good luck and next Friday I hope to be terrified :)


1 comment:

  1. omg im so scared!!! lol this will be SOO hard for me, i hate scary things, let alone drawing scary things. i'm going to freak myself out especially because i'll have to paint this at night all alone in my new apartment.
    lol what the heck am i going to do with this creepy portrait after?
    thankyou though, i think this is a very interesting problem that i hope will spark some genious on how to say zombie without being overly obvious!

    ps: i wouldve loved to tackle this with traditional painting style, but looks like i'll only be able to alot a few hrs mayb to this piece this week. next time! i think i'll have to cut corners and go for a quicker painting style or contemporary. errr hate when time constraints define the medium instead of what would be most appropriate for the concept.