Monday, July 19, 2010

zombie process

unfortunatly i must start off by requesting an extension on this one! i know its breaking the rules sort of, but i'll be sure to make this one worth it. judging by my schedule this week i know i won't do the vision in my head justice.
and as sooo not me as this challenge is, i feel inspired to really throw myself into this one and so request the extra time. i'm looking forward to its potential to be a very personal and theraputic piece, and also a potential sample for my thesis proposal. lol i hope i'm not building this up to much just for it to not work out as i hoped.

holly i can still post a challenge for you this week, and we can work on ours at the same time. or you can take a little break? let me know what you'd prefer :) it would be so fun to work on one together since i'll be visiting you soon!

i think i might sneak clues as to the direction of this piece instead of being so open with the progress.
the first clue is that its called 'if you love someone let them go'

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  1. The extension is absolutely fine. I might need it at some point too, although now I must warn you, I'm expecting something incredible. Can't wait! Also you may as well put a pause on my next challenge, it might confuse the order of things. I could us the break too... My schedule has been insane, haven't had a decent sleep in the last few days :)!