Monday, July 12, 2010

Holly’s Process - old meets new

Holly’s Process- old meets new

Last night I scrambled for my oil paints, as I couldn’t remember where I’ve hid them. I soon realized they’ve collected dust for many years. I’ve only done one oil painting before. I’m technically a beginner. After hunting for and borrowing supply’s (thanks Grandma and Jim for the varnish) I became really excited. It’s been a long time since I’ve challenged myself to a good old realism painting. I painted for many hours through the night, not making much progress, I felt scared and slightly panicked. Perhaps I’ve jumped the gun on this and maybe I didn’t clearly think how I’m going solve the “new” portion of this challenge. It wasn’t until this morning when I figured it out. I’m classic for working like this. I can’t solve anything until I’ve started the task. The picture above is a hint on how I I’ve decided to solve the challenge! I may have gotten myself into trouble on the concept, but when I reveal I’ll explain it in full! I’m extremely nervous for fridayl! Must continue painting now…


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