Thursday, October 14, 2010


Dear Blog followers,

This week, instead of a challenge, we have an announcement:
We have recently been swamped with our work on the side, and feel it best to postpone challenges until we can devote more time to them. In the meantime we will be posting our personal work and projects, and continuing the feedback system that way!

Stay tuned for the exciting re-direction!

Jen and Holly

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Holly reveals challenge # 13- Osculate

Dear Jen and Blog people,

I'm sorry for the late completion of this challenge, but alas I don't intend to disappoint!

The word I chose for this challenge is Osculate. The dictionary defines it as, kiss. I laughed when I verbalized the word out loud, to me it doesn't represent passion as the sound has an academic substance. At first I was tempted to illustrate an awkward couple attempting a weird kiss, but last minute changed the image to it's literal meaning. The reasoning for the twisted necks is the second meaning/ definition. Osculate, (of a curve or surface) Touch (another curve or surface) so as to have a common tangent at the point of contact.

I'm pleased with myself... mostly for taking pictures of the process. This is something I've never done. While looking through the photos I realized that the piece could be slightly overworked, especially in the woman's face. Overall I'm content with the illustration, but the final piece is incomplete, I would still like to take advantage of fixing the man's left eye.

Thank you again Jen for yet another great challenge :)