Thursday, June 24, 2010

i challenge you holly!

Dear Holly,

i think you know whats coming. i've threatened to make you draw sumo wrestlers in pastel since we first thought of starting this blog. HOWEVER! since you gave me a very interesting challenge last week, i feel the need to make my challenge more fun.
So, this week, i challenge you to create an art piece that communicates 'weight.' you can use any subject matter, and medium, so long as the viewer who sees your piece has one thing on his mind: wow that thing feels heavy.

the purpose for this challenge is to push your visual communication skills in an area you avoid. you excel in all things light and delicate, but i've never seen you tackle the opposite, and am excited to see how you will go about this.

this challenge was inspired by a book i've been reading 'the art spirit' by painter robert henri. one of the pieces of advice he gave was: when painting winter, dont paint what it looks like, paint how it feels. therefore, aim to make the viewer feel cold when looking at the painting. infact feeling cold while doing the painting might help. this blows my mind conceptually, and i hope you enjoy the challenge!

ps: weight can be interpreted physically, emotionally, mentally... as long as it is HEAVY and not light. the medium you chose should be one that promotes this.

no other restrictions! any size any colour!
can't wait!! :D

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  1. Wow... This sure is challenging. I'm excited to show off what i've come up with!! I'll post process friday as I want this one to be a surprise.