Friday, August 6, 2010

Holly reveals Challenge #7 - Tame the shame (Perfume)

Perfume was an Illustration project given by a second year professor. We were to read the novel and re-create our vision for a cover design. The one I originally created had similar composting to this one, but painted in acrylic. Sadly I had over worked the face and ended up hating the entire piece as there was no time to fix the disaster. – Do I have still have the original? Yes, but I can’t seem to locate where it’s hiding. When I find it I promise I’ll post it.

I completed this challenge by using collage. I’m not going to lie but declare this was last minute. Frustratingly enough, collage is not the rout to take when under serious time constraint. The black background was inspired by Jen’s zombie background- and everything else was originally full colour . I later blocked portions of colour using Photoshop.

At the end of the day I’m glad I complete this challenge on time, but, re-doing an old project didn’t necessarily make me jump for joy… The number on thing I learned from this challenge is- Sometimes it’s nice to give things a second change. Thanks Jen!



  1. dear holly,

    i remember your old perfume project and love the re-do! the graphic approach would be great for a book cover, and the collage elements add interest!
    i think it would enhance the communication of the story if some of the smaller swirly things were infact more women, since he used quite a few to make the perfume. but i like the emphasis on the large head.
    i think the button is really cute, but i dont associate it with an alluring smell... infact its sort of smell-less. mayb the botton needs to be replaced with something else. but i'm glad you didnt cliche it with collaged flowers. (lol wait a second, thats what i did for mine!)
    just a thought, it would be so intertesting to push this approach to the novel into a very girly book cover! you know how the big publishers are re-packaging classic titles in pop culture format? id love to see how this slighty morbid book would be with a fluffy-'omg' cover!

    great work holly! i know you wouldve liked more time, if ever u need a few days extra to do what you have in mind dont be shy to ask! i've already broken the late ice anyways :P

  2. for the goosebumps scale, i give it 3 on 5.

    also! id like to see some colour in the girl, i feel she should have more focal point then the bottle, since shes bigger and has eyes! things with eyes demand to be looked at, but the bottle seems to take center stage. and this would be smashing with some hand lettered text a-la holly!