Sunday, August 8, 2010

Challenge # 8: process

holly you are so wonderful, what a nice idea for a challenge! i love self therapy lol. i acually do alot of it, and happily there are many things that mean heaven on earth to me.... to name a few....

-my new apt. i dont think ive ever been as happy as the day i signed the lease. everytime i come home its insta-happy.

- tea and a book/ movie/ sketchbook

- really genious moments! when i strike gold conceptually on a piece i'm working on its the most amazing feeling.

-painting huge paintings....something i dont do enough

- of course good times with good people!

- dancing.


in particular, dancing. i'm not amazing at it, barely passable mayb lol compared to the people i practice with, but as cheesy as it sounds it makes me feel amazing. what i love best is the floating feeling, when i'm on a role following the guy, and i dont have to think anymore, my body just takes over. its the closest i think i can get to not being on earth.

i do salsa mostly, but often the technique gets in the way of losing myself in the song since i'm no pro-star. i trip sometimes. sometimes i elbow someone in the nose. get stepped on. it can be dangerous. but i like salsa for goal-chasing. there are a list of things i keep trying to improve on.

my favorite dance is bachata. for me there is much less thinking, its a songs worth of just expression.

since i've been dancing alot these past weeks, bachata will be my theme for this challenge!

here is my rough! and i bought a huge canvas, something i love working on, hopefully i have time this week to finish. if not whatever is done by friday i'll post and keep working on it on my own time!

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