Thursday, August 19, 2010

Holly reveals Challenge #9- the fixer up-er

Jen and blog people,

This is the fastest illustration I’ve ever created. I promise I’m not going to make a pattern of doing this. I do however have an engaging story that goes along with this piece. Before I continue I must explain a little something about my current situation. I am currently house/dog sitting for my grandma. It’s been very tense for me as Abraham (the dog) is sick with cancer and is on numerous amounts of medication. Between him, vet appointments, keeping the grass cut, watering the flowers, cleaning and working I have had very very very little time to sit and get my head wrapped around this challenge. The number one thing that’s optimistic for this challenge is this house. It's filled with old images and paintings. I chose one framed print my Grandma has had forever. Grandma when you read this, I'm sorry for vandalizing one of your favorite pieces of art and f.y.i the original remains untouched!!

The print has always reminds me of my sisters and I. They are both older and just like in the picture they sport red and brown hair. When I was a young girl I was given a beautiful baby bunny to take home. It was white and I had named it baby. As my parent were packing up the cage I held baby tightly in my hands, close to my face, kissing, petting and nuzzling the soft little creature like any other six year old girl would do. I was in my glory and I was so excited to take her home! It wasn’t long until I realized something wasn't normal, my eyes began to hurt and my skin began to burn with an itchy rage. I masked the pain, praying my partents wouldn't notice. Next moment I made eyes with my mother. She was above me, screaming in shock, hands to her face at the sight of my red bumpy skin and as if it were slow motion, she took baby out of my hands... I cried.

I am forever traumatized from bunnies and from that day I had declared them, among cats... evil. (it is the only way emotionally I can get through they day seeing an adorable creature that I am forbidden to love and cuddle.)

I’ve also posted a picture of myself a few years ago when I had broken the rules of my body and let a puppy kiss my face. I paid dearly- millions of medications later and a few emergency room visits... I’m slowly learning.


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  1. wow holly!! i love how honest this piece is! i dont mind at all that it was super rushed, i think you did a great job making it look finished by going simple.

    and the linear contrast against the painting is so interesting. the bunny in the girl's arms provides a great starting point from which to roam the borders.

    great touch with the shocking photograph of yourself! you'll be happy to know i decided not to get a pet bunny for my apt!

    5 goosebumps, one of my faves!
    ps: id love this for wrapping paper.