Saturday, August 21, 2010

Challenge #10: the reveal

Dear Holly,

I know this is super early, but I wanted to get the project done before I leave for camping this week. I also thought it would be nice to post early and give you a head start on the next challenge since you've been so busy lately!
Your challenge this week for me was so interesting and thoughtful! Thankyou! I am fascinated by the elderly stage of life and the rewards and obstacles that come with it. In particular I've always had a real soft spot for the elderly who have lost their life partner. I considered taking this angle, but since my past few reveals have been downright depressing, I decided it best to not tackle the love theme for a while.

Then I thought about alzheimers. this condition can be so many things depending on how you look at it: degenerative or a return to innocence, confusing or just simple, but often frusterating for both patient and caretaker. At the OCAD grad show this year, I was stunned by the thesis work of photography student Heather Siekierko. Heather's thesis focused on her own grandmother's struggle with alzheimers. Through various visual clues in her photographs of the grandmother and her home, Heather was able to communicate the confusion and struggle of the disease. I have a print of one of the pieces, i'll post soon!

Influenced by this, i chose to illustrate memory loss. My image is of a grandmother, doing what grandmothers are reputed to do exceptionally well: knit. ( the tradition is visually emphasized by the folk- art style the image is executed in.) But this grandmother knits a glove with only 4 fingers, not 5. She's forgotten a finger! her memory loss is contrasted by her young granddaughters sharp memory, she holds up her own 5 fingered hand to verify the mistake.
Holly I had alot of fun with this, and i like this appraoch to image making. Its the first time I've used only gouache for a painting, but I find it lends well to my love of clean composition and contrast. I'm considering using this for my thesis style, but I'd appreciate feedback very much!
ps: the yellow and red might be wayy off, i wasnt able to colour correct on the computer to compensate for my scanner. The yellow in particular is looking a little gross, i'm hoping its just my monitor!
Thanks Holly!

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    This is my favorite Challenge you’ve created on the blog!! 5 Goosebumps!! I love the colour, they are a great representation of confusion/ mind loss. Love the black shape that frames the figures. Love the positioning of girls hand next to mitten. so much more i could say!! I LOVE THIS!!!!!