Friday, August 20, 2010

Challenge # 10: The secrete life of the old

Dearest Jen,

It took me most of the day to decided between two challenges for you. My last minute decision is based on an interaction I had had with a senior woman yesterday. We drank tea for two hours while she talked the entire time. My grandmother’s best friend felt compelled and comfortable to share her frustrations of life with me and I was honored to listen. Before yesterday I had assumed the old life was easy, now I’m afraid I’m terribly wrong. For some it’s filled with worry and frustrations. Without dishonoring her private life here is a list of minor frustrations she faces’s:

1- Her son is depressed and currently living with her, out of work for three years. She worries he will never find work again.

3- Her children want her to move to a senior home. The only one she can afford is known for being grimy and dirty.

4- Both her and her significant other’s, knees need surgery, but recovery time for older people is what’s keeping them from doing it.

5- A gang of young teens were caught harassing her over the phone for months. Some of the comments made are unrepeatable- even I was shocked! She decided not to place charges when she found out it was her own granddaughter.

This week I challenge you to come up with an editorial like illustration honoring the secrete life of the old. Perhaps you know of someone you want to honor :)


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