Friday, June 18, 2010

Animal instincts - Challenge # 2 By: Holly

Animal instincts - Challenge # 2 By: Holly Long

Hello Everyone,

This is extremely exciting as we come to our second challenge! I'm supper thrilled to come up with a concept for Jen and I know she'll do great on this one :) This next project is regarding something that I had noticed and in result have been pondering the last couple weeks. It's about the odd behavior of humans and how at times our nature isn't much different from animals. Now this is strictly opinion and before you make judgment I wish to tell the story that had inspired me for this weeks challenge.

A few weeks past I was out with people for food and drinks. After I had enjoyed my splendor of food I started to look around and entertain myself with people watching, as I often do. I stumbled across couples that were probably on their first date. The guy looked awkward… something about his body suggests he was trying to impress her. At first I didn't catch on, until it dawned on me. This is no different from a typical national geographic cover. By puffing out his chest the guy was trying to show her how dominate/ beautiful he was. I automatically thought about seals, birds, elephants, monkeys... and how creature of both sexes have their own way of impressing one another. Beautiful isn't it!!

Now for the second assignment:

Jen- I challenge you to come up with a ‘beautiful’ illustration regarding this specific interesting display of human nature. Have fun with the figure!

- Portrait 4''x7''

-Medium of choice

-two colours only (this doesn’t include black and white)

- Rough work- if you have it!!

Good luck Jen,

Holly :)


  1. yay this is going to be fun! sounds like a good thesis idea/ prep too!

    question... so this revenge bit with the limited palette lol... is it only 2 colours, and black and white are not allowed? or is it 2 colours plus the use of black and white?


  2. aa what an exciting blog idea gals!