Monday, June 21, 2010

Jen's process

This challenge screams research me, and luckily its such an interesting topic! go holly :)
I'll be using the blog wall as a brainstorming center. So far i'm still looking into different animal mating rituals.
Did you know? (lol i feel like a kids tv host)
-the western grebe bird does a snake dance to win its mates? possibly this could be compared to the oh so sexy body wave dance move lol.
-the blue heron brings sticks to the female heron's, to prove they'll be useful in helping build a nest. how practical.
-the satin bower bird decorates his stick house with stolen goods. the females chose a male based on his decorating skills!
-many species use songs and/ or fighting. apparently the loud songs require alot of energy and is a signal to the female that the male is healthy. sounds very dramatic, like a musical. hmm a musical scene could be an interesting setting for the image!

i find it interesting how each animal species has its own way of attracting the females based on their lifestyle, temperament and needs. however, within the humans species there are a variety of techniques that are used to lure women. its almost as if the human species has a variety of types of humans. for ex: not all women go for the guy with the stable job and house. and not all women go for the musician.

ok, now to find a way to integrate a male attraction technique with animal references!


i stumbled across this picture of a crane doing a mating dance around a female crane. Look at all the effort he's putting in! And she's standing there looking thoroughly unimpressed. This reminded me of dance clubs. I love dancing, but yeesh is it ever annoying when you just want to have fun and dance but guys are prowling for pickups. I really like the sequential narrative of this image, and i think i'll use a similar style in my piece to show the beginning, middle, and end of the 'love story.' stay tuned for more!


i drew up the sequence that i had in my head. its still in the bw stage, i'm planning to add colour... any thoughts holly? Too Marcel Dzama? i love doodling like this, especially when people watching because working small and high contrast makes for the best likeness. but i usually avoid this style when doing finished pieces because i'm worried it looks too mainstream. its so hard to tell with my own work whether or not its being influenced or if its me. perhaps i can jennifer-ize it with something crazy. medium suggestions? i'm open to an experiment!

for colours i was inspired by a particularly beautiful ttc transfer i got the other day. check out the gorgeous orange! it looks so lovely with the charcoal black and beige!


  1. Very nice work, ladies. It is very interesting to hear your thought process leading up to each piece. It gives it so much more meaning. I look forward to seeing the new pieces you come up with.

  2. Thanks for visiting the blog and commenting. I also appreciate her thoughts leading up!!

    Bravo Jen! I’m so proud of for taking the time to research this challenge. I couldn’t be more thrilled you find this challenge interesting, now I only hope I can keep up with this trend. I’m also relieved to know you’re moving in the right direction with my own vision! Very excited to see the reveal this Friday!


  3. Jen,

    I laughed myself to tears with the first draft of your montage. By far the best part is when he’s alone. Great work thus far. As for the characters, the topic and execution work in the Marcel Dzama-ish style. Let us not forget however, you have a very strong individualistic method that you shouldn’t loose, but refine. Keep up with whatever you have in mind for this challenge. This is my last piece of advice… I always understand my strengths best when I wonder from what’s natural and comfortable- I can tell you are doing this! Can’t wait for Friday!!