Friday, June 18, 2010

Holly reveals first challenge

Yay! The reveal of the first challenge... how exciting!!

I'm going to start off by saying, this banner was very difficult for me, as one thing personally conflicted the idea of challenge, the use of bright primary colours. In my opinion red,yellow and blue suggested the complete opposite. These colours blocked my imagination to beautiful butterflies and birds. Unfortunately I couldn't get this out of my head and I soon became very annoyed with myself. I wish now I would have known that Jen didn't listen to her own instructions with colour lol, because I learned I dislike being forced to specific colour- (Hence revenge for the next project) :P

The Dragon Masked girls, represent both Jen and I. Throughout this project I was determined to find a key link to something we both struggled with- this wasn't easy. I with long thought eventually decided to illustrate that we both are driven to do great things and everyone should look passed the blonde hair and see the fierce side of us!!! As for the type- shame on me, I didn't illustrate it. The entire piece was done in three parts. The final is an acrylic and watercolour drawing that was cutout and scanned into Illustrator where I placed the type.

Thanks for this challenge Jen, It definitely was one :)



  1. looks soo great holly! your knack for little people work great against the contrast of the large dragon mask. and they especially stand out with this new cut-out technique you've tried! i want to see more of this :D
    my crit is that illustrated type would've rocked. so much so, that i think you need to do the type again when you have time.

    one other small thing is that the reclangular-ish frame around the girls is a very sharp, whereas the cut out on the girls is very rounded. i think if you just round the edges on the rectangle it'll really work great together.
    love love love the concept! we are dragon people!
    marvelous work!

  2. i agree, especially with the frame... So i've decided to temporarily remove it.