Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Challenge # 12: Object Love the reveal

Dear Holly,

I have chosen to answer your challenge by illustrating the material object I love most! I reveal to you: Pandy.

Pandy is my favorite childhood toy. He has more personality then most people, and triggers many happy memories of intense playtime with my sister Lauren.
I tried to capture how alive he is to me... you know when you're acting with toys and you make them move, he's very mobile and when i think of him i think of something that can't sit still. his head has this way of stretching really high, making him look like he's in a different mood. and his body is so expressive. Hence the wild ink lines.

....omg i sound crazy.

I'll stop lol.

Thanks Holly, this was so fun.


thanks for the fun theme!


  1. Pandy is adorable!! The sketchy and loose brush strokes really add to his hairiness! I love how you rendered this!

    When I first look at this, I see a panda. The overall illustration doesn't suggest 'object love.' Lack of time is frustrating and I wont be hard on you. Overall I Would have loved for you to tie in, 'you' in this image.

    3.5 goosebumps :)


  2. Hi there ladies,

    I'm new to your blog, but I've got to say I see more than a Panda here, and after I read Jen's note about it I got goosebumps! I saw a Panda first, then when I scrolled by I saw something totally different: two children jumping - as though holding hands and dancing in circles. Jen and sister Lauren?? Was that intentional or am I the subject of an ink blot test here?