Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Holly reveals challenge # 13- Osculate

Dear Jen and Blog people,

I'm sorry for the late completion of this challenge, but alas I don't intend to disappoint!

The word I chose for this challenge is Osculate. The dictionary defines it as, kiss. I laughed when I verbalized the word out loud, to me it doesn't represent passion as the sound has an academic substance. At first I was tempted to illustrate an awkward couple attempting a weird kiss, but last minute changed the image to it's literal meaning. The reasoning for the twisted necks is the second meaning/ definition. Osculate, (of a curve or surface) Touch (another curve or surface) so as to have a common tangent at the point of contact.

I'm pleased with myself... mostly for taking pictures of the process. This is something I've never done. While looking through the photos I realized that the piece could be slightly overworked, especially in the woman's face. Overall I'm content with the illustration, but the final piece is incomplete, I would still like to take advantage of fixing the man's left eye.

Thank you again Jen for yet another great challenge :)


1 comment:

  1. i love that you posted progress shots! ive always wondered how you handled your layers when painting. i especially like the step just before the final. the mans face at this step, with the blush and white forehead against the brown, has such a nice raw painterly quality. i would love to see you maintain this feeling in your final, perhaps by leaving midtones the colour of the underpainting.

    btw this looks huge! u put alot of work in! :)
    great choice of word!
    3.75 on 5!

    ps: the more i see the consitancy in your work, the more in awe i am! i am having SUCH a hard time finding a 'style' with which to do all my thesis in. as u can probably guess by how random my challenges have been. i'll post thesis stuff over the course of the year.

    great job!